Frequently Asked Questions

  • Myrtle Beach Travel Park provides free WiFi. We strive to provide the best possible WiFi experience for everyone, but because we do not have total control over our environment, we cannot guarantee that our WiFi service will be compatible with every device and work within your RV.
  • A campground WiFi is quite different from a home or hotel, where obstacles to a WiFi signal never change and can be easily overcome. For that reason, we cannot guarantee that WiFi service will work for all guests, but that is always our goal.
  • Our WiFi is a public network. We have no responsibility for, or control over, the internet services you access and do not guarantee any services are error or virus-free.
  • We are not responsible for the security of any information you transmit or share with any internet service while you are using our WiFi service.
    Network performance may vary throughout the day as the number of people using the service increases or decreases.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow guests and disconnect your device when not in use.
  • Call (843) 999-0944 for personal assistance.
  • If you experience ongoing issues with the cable service, please call or stop in the Front Office to describe the issue. Maintenance will be dispatched to check the signal at your site’s cable connector.
  • Maintenance does not assist inside a guest’s unit.
  • Pets are welcome in the RV sites. However, pets are not allowed in our rental Ocean Villas, Lake View Cabin, or rental Travel Trailers.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when outside and are not allowed to be left unattended at the campsite.
  • All owners must pick up after their pets.
  • There is a nearby off-leash dog park.
       – Myrtle Beach Barc Parc North
           – 5000 Claire Chapin Epps Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
Pet waste receptacles by all bath houses, or with your trash.
  • Golf cart usage is not allowed by our guests on our campground transient sites and Ocean Villa, cabin and travel trailer rentals. The only exception is those guests who have been issued a valid state-issued disability parking placard or card. In order to be ADA (American with Disabilities Act) compliant, we ask those guests to provide us with the following: 1.) valid, state-issued disability parking placard, 2.) proof of liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $25,000.
  • If these two requirements are met, carts must be electric, for 4 people only. No gas carts are allowed.
  • A guest meeting those requirements can rent an electric golf cart from one of several golf cart rental companies in the area.
         – Staff members at the Front Office can supply our guests with the names of several companies which provide that service.
  • After registering your cart at the Front Office, you will receive an green pass that must be displayed on the windshield. The holder of the placard must be on the cart while it is operated.
  • Please read these Golf Cart Rules & Policies.
  • Yes, our permanent residents are allowed to operate electric golf carts on site.
       – We require that our permanent guests stop by the Front Office with the golf cart.
       – The golf cart is subject to a visual inspection by a Park manager before issuance of a permanent sticker.

The tire air compressor is located on the north side of the laundromat.

Yes. Both the WE Only and WESC sites offer 50amp, 30amp, and a 110 volt household type plug are available for guest usage at every pedestal.

Trash, which must be in a trash bag (tied closed) and placed by your ‘site marker’ by noon, is picked up daily.

Note: we no longer pick up T.V’s of any kind.

Reservations for a specific site or rental number can be made for a $30 fee. Site or rental numbers are subject to change prior to arrival unless a lock fee has been paid on your reservation. All reservations are based on availability.

Lock fees are only available when minimum reservation requirements are met. From June 6-August 15, there is a 7 night minimum on campsites. All other times there is a 3 night minimum. Rentals are reserved Saturday to Saturday.

While you can select your site and lock it in, emergencies do happen. If necessary and no other option is available, your locked site may be changed. We will do our best to avoid this, but if we do change your site, the lock fee will be refunded. 

  • There is limited parking available inside MBTP.
  • Parking outside the MBTP General Store is for 10 minutes only.
  • Violators will be asked to move.
  • Parking outside the pool area is for golf carts only.
  • It is South Carolina law, drivers may not drive on, or park on the beach.
  • Golf carts are allowed to park in the north area in front of Annual Units #20/OP and #47/OP.
  • There is limited parking available near the Pavilion.
  • Additional parking is available in the lot outside the MBTP Front Office.
  • You may have a campfire on your campsite, unless an outdoor burning ban has been instituted by Horry County Government. A ban may be instituted whenever there is a statewide red flag alert or if weather conditions appear conducive to wildfires.
  • You may either make or supply your own fire ring.
  • Trailblaze Adventure
       – 3700 S Ocean Blvd, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
       – (843) 491-3192
  • Myrtle Beach Bicycle Rental-n-Tours
       – 229 Cold Water Cir., Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
       – (843) 222-3840
  • Beach Bike Shop and Rentals
       – 711 Broadway St., Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
       – (843) 448-5103
  • RVs may check-in as late as 11pm. Check-in with the guard after the Front Office has closed.
  • Check-in time on a campsite is 2pm, check-out time is 11AM. Whenever possible, we will try to accommodate those who arrive earlier. The span of time between check-out and check-in gives us the time we need to clear and prepare the site for your stay.
  • Check-in time on a rental unit is 4pm, check-out time is 11AM. Whenever possible, we will try to accommodate those who arrive earlier. The span of time between check-out and check-in gives us the time we need to clean and prepare the rental unit for your stay.
  • Myrtle Beach Travel Park’s amenities include access to a 17-acre freshwater lake stocked with bass and bream. A license is not needed for guests to enjoy fishing in our private lake. Please note fishing in our lake is catch and release ONLY.
  • Guests who are interested in surf fishing must first obtain a valid South Carolina issued Surf Fishing License, in accordance with State Law.
       – Licenses can be procured locally at Bass Pro Shops or Walmart.
  • If you find something you believe someone lost, please take it to one of these four locations. If you’re missing something, it may be at the Lost and Found in one of these four locations:
       – MBTP General Store
       – Pool
       – MBTP Front Office
       – Arcade
  • If the item is not there, please contact any MBTP staff member who will be happy to be of assistance.
  • File a report with the Horry County Police Department at (843) 248-1520.
  • If there is a lost child, please contact any MBTP staff member immediately and stay where you are.
  • The MBTP staff member will communicate with the entire team to assist in searching for the child.
  • MBTP offers a number of locations to get a bite to eat!
    – The grill inside the Arcade
    – MBTP General Store
    – Breakfast By The Sea
    – From time to time we have various vendors on-site which sell food.
  • Possessing and setting off Fireworks inside Myrtle Beach Travel Park is illegal.
  • South Carolina law dictates no fireworks may be set off from a beach.
  • There are a number of weekly fireworks displays you can visit
       – Barefoot Landing
       – Broadway at the Beach
       – Myrtle Beach Pelicans Ballpark
We have an ATM stationed inside the General Store for your convenience.

Guests can park two vehicles on their site, if space allows. The first vehicle is always included in the quoted/stated rate. The second vehicle is billed at $5.00 per night from April 1, through Labor Day. Outside of those dates, there is no extra charge for the secondary vehicle to be on site. Guests also have the option of utilizing the front parking lot by the front office at no additional cost at any time. See the Front Desk for a special vehicle placard. Parking in the front lot is subject to availability as spaces are limited. 

All visitors should go to the Main office front desk to request a visitor’s pass. Front desk personnel will verify that our MBTP guest has space on site for a second vehicle and collect the appropriate fees. The fee structure is as follows. $4.00 per person plus $4.00 for the vehicle. All visitor passes are valid until 11:00 pm. There is no charge for guests during the off season.

Additional overnight visitors must register and pay a fee of $5.00 per person. 


  • Reservations can be made online by clicking here.
  • Reservations can be made over the phone. Just call (843) 449-3714 or toll-free 1-800-255-3568.
  • Reservations can be made in-person by stopping by our front desk
  • You can also make reservations by mailing us.
       – Send requests to 10108 Kings Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
  • We cannot accept reservations by e-mail or social media messages.

MBTP can begin taking reservations on January 2nd of the current year for the following year. For example, beginning January 2, 2022, reservations can be made for anytime in 2023.

At times, a site may appear empty, but is booked by another reservation. A staff member at the Front Desk can look at the length of your stay and future reservations for that site to determine if it’s indeed available.

Activity Schedules are located in the main office, the MBTP General Store, online at

The best place for viewing our activities calendar is on our app! Download the app “Myrtle Beach Travel Park” from your app store!


  • The Myrtle Beach Travel Park Laundromat is open 24 hours for your convenience.
  • Machines are coin operated ONLY.
  • There is a change machine inside the Laundromat.
  • The MBTP General Store is not stocked to make change for laundromat customers.
  • The Laundromat smells like gas. Is that normal?
       – Don’t be alarmed! The dryers run on propane.
Mail is delivered to the MBTP General Store. Guests can pick-up their mail from the MBTP General Store during store hours
  • Packages arriving through the United States Postal Service are delivered to the store for guest pick-up.
  • Packages and deliveries via UPS and FedEx are delivered directly to your site.
  • Campground guests must have the delivery address as follows:
    Your Name
    Myrtle Beach Travel Park
    10108 Kings Road
    Site #
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
  • Due to liability issues, MBTP does not sign for, or accept deliveries at the Front Office.
  • Guests are allowed to bring a motorcycle to the park but it cannot be operated inside the campground.
  • We offer parking in the Front Parking Lot for your convenience.
  • Mopeds and scooters are not allowed in the campground.
  • If it is medically necessary, a mobility scooter or hoveround is allowed.
  • Linens (sheets, pillowcases and blankets) towels, washcloths, dish towels, dish cloths.
  • The following are included in all villa and travel trailer rentals: a microwave, a flat screen cable HDTV, large and small frying pan, a large pot and lid, a large and small saucepan with lids, service for 6 including dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, steak knives, a large utility knife, spatula, large spoon, can opener, colander, Keurig style coffee maker, mop, broom, dustpan, 2 rolls of toilet paper.

Rental units are reserved Saturday to Saturday but call 7 days (or less) in advance of your check-in date, we will rent for a 3-night minimum, if we have availability.

  • Pets are not allowed in rental units
  • Service Dogs are accepted. These must be animals trained to provide work or tasks directly related to a person’s disability.
  • Emotional Support Dogs: Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals.
No, smoking is not allowed inside a rental unit.


From 8/14 - 8/31/22

$66.00 - $68.50

per night plus tax

Normal reservation and cancellations guidelines apply Please use the Book Now feature on our website or give us a call.



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