Frequently Asked Questions Before You Sell

The unit and lot must be inspected by the Sales Manager and the Compliance team. A Site Inspection Checklist will be completed to ensure the RV/Villa/Mobile Home meets MBTP standards for listing. This assessment will determine if an older unit in poor condition may have to be removed at the buyer’s expense.

The MBTP Sales Manager will complete a listing agreement documenting all details about the unit, including the asking price and a minimum offer price. Photos of the exterior and interior will be taken to post with the listing. Seller will provide a copy of the title showing it is free of liens, a key to the unit, and a copy of the most recent paid property tax bill.

A sales team member will post the information on the website, in a conspicuous place in the office, and place a for sale-sign in the yard. The sales team will begin to promote/show the unit to interested parties once all information is validated.

You are free to use the unit until the sale closing date. You can alert the sales team when the unit will be occupied if you do not wish it to be shown during those times. You may also request that the sales team notify you when a showing is scheduled.

They will give their qualified offer to the sales team member who will then contact you. It is up to you to accept, refuse or make a counter offer.

The transfer fee is 10% of the agreed upon selling price or a minimum of $5000 and is paid by the owner.

An appointment will be made to bring both parties involved together at the park office, to exchange funds, keys, bill of sale and the title to the unit. A sales team member will facilitate this process. Lease payment for the new leaseholder and lease refund (if applicable) will be done at this time. There are no closing costs.

Yes , but do not put a name or phone number on the sign. Our For-Sale sign will have the office number and asking price listed.

The buyer will transfer electrical services into their name. Seller does not disconnect power. Seller will be responsible for cancelling cable or internet services and return equipment, as needed.

MBTP will send an electronic notification to the Tax Assessor’s office on the day of the closing. Buyer will also register the new ownership at the Assessor’s office and DMV within 15 days of closing.


From 8/14 - 8/31/22

$66.00 - $68.50

per night plus tax

Normal reservation and cancellations guidelines apply Please use the Book Now feature on our website or give us a call.



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Updated 07/08/2021